Bot Head by Pot Heads

Bot Head is an all in one Software Suite for NFT Creators and Investors.

Whether you are a creator or an investor, Bot Head's suite of tools has something for you.

Read all about the tool suite in the Docs!

A Team You Can Trust

We are the creators of Pot Heads. We've met and exceeded the stated roadmap of that project. In fact, releasing Bot Head is part of Pot Heads Roadmap 3.0



Papa is a well-known member of MonkeDAO, Voxel Monkes, and LeDAO. He is an avid collector of 1/1 art and the curator of Big Brain Gallery, the largest 1/1 Gallery on Solana.

Daniel Coulbourne


Daniel Coulbourne Avatar

Daniel is a developer with 10 years of experience in Web 2. This year he made the jump to SOL and joined Papa as the primary developer on Pot Heads where he wrote much of the code that would become Bot Head.

Nate Gio


Nathan Giordano - Beings 07

Nate is a lifelong artist and a staple of the Solana 1/1 art community. His "BEINGS" collection and his work as the 3d designer on "Greykids" cemented him into the pantheon of Solana 1/1 luminaries.

Bot Head

Roadmap 1.0 Feature Set

Our launch feature set is everything you need to run an NFT project.

  • Automatic Whitelist Management
  • Instant Discord Verification
  • Sales + Listing Bots

Some of these features are already live in the Pot Heads community, where we've been developing them over the last few months. The whitelist tool will be used to manage the whitelist for BotHead, so you'll get a chance to see how it works before mint.

Whitelist Management

We're taking all the manual work out of managing whitelists for newly minting projects, established Alpha DAOs, and individual minters.

Users who verify a wallet with Bot Head will be automatically whitelisted when joining Discord for a project offering whitelist to one of their held communities.

New Projects

We're buiding tools to completely automate the process of managing whitelist access for your next mint.

Automatic DAO Verification

No more hassle of manually checking screenshots in the #dao-proof channel and assigning Discord roles one by one. You have full control over which communities get WL and how many slots are given to each.

Wallet Collection

Optionally collect wallets from users BEFORE they get their WL roles. No more chasing down users to collect wallets before sending out WL tokens. In future versions, we'll even airdrop the tokens for you.


Move beyond the stress of tracking all the newly minting projects, mint dates, and whitelist offerings.

Browse Available Whitelist

Connect your wallet(s) and we'll show you what whitelists your eligible for based on your holdings. Join the project discords with a click and instantly receive whitelist access from our Discord bot running in their server.

Mint Reminders

Our Discord Bot will DM you with reminders the day before any mint you're on the whitelist for. No need to consult that spreadsheet of mints to figure out which wallet your whitelist tokens are in, or when presale starts.

Alpha DAOs

Add our Discord Bot to your server to track the whitelist available to your community.

Whitelist Opportunity Notifications

We'll notify you when there's a whitelist opportunity in your community. Your members can join the project's Discord and Bot Head will automatically assign their whitelist roles if there are spots remaining and they have a "verified holder" role in your discord. We also provide a page for each holder community where members can browse and search available whitelists.

Live Updating Availability

Our discord bot will live-update its whitelist notification messages in discord with the number of slots available. No more joining the discord to discover that your DAO's allocated slots have all been used.

Instant Discord Holder Verification

Our discord holder verification system is the fastest there is. Users can authenticate with Discord and connect as many wallets as they wish. Secondary sales immediately trigger role refreshes, so no more waiting around 30 minutes after purchasing to get your roles.

And best of all, we assign roles as soon as a user joins the server. No emoji-reactions required. If a user has authenticated with Bot Head anywhere, their roles are live updated in all Bot Head servers.

Sales + Listing Bots

Every project needs a sales bot to pull live sales data from secondary markets and display them in discord. We provide that and more.

Our sales and listing bots have realtime data about when NFTs change hands. Beyond just posting sales info, they keep our discord verification and whitelist management system up to date with the latest holder data to eliminate delays after transactions.

Gaining Access to Bot Head

Access to Bot Head's various levels of functionality will require holding Bot Head NFT's.

Individual Features

Hold 1 Bot Head NFT

(Status: Coming soon!)

  • Whitelist Access Tracking
  • Pre-Mint Notifications
  • Default Burner Wallet for Whitelist Tokens

Alpha DAO Features

Hold 3 Bot Head NFTs

(Status: Live!)

  • Whitelist access notifications
  • Live-updating whitelist slot tracking
  • Suggested to new projects as whitelist candidates
  • Opt-in to Whitelist Leaderboard to show off your DAO's alpha

Minting Project Features

Hold 3 Bot Head NFTs

(Status: Live!)

  • Whitelist management tools
  • Collab Management Tools